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Biblical Counseling

Healing Hearts, Renewing Hope, Restoring Lives.


Anchored in God’s Word, we journey with the broken toward healing and wholeness in Christ.

Our Aim is Restoration.

2 Corinthians 13:11

How Can We Help You?

Our biblical counseling page is committed to providing resources from trusted organizations, offering biblical wisdom for a diverse range of life situations. These resources address various challenges, including marriage conflicts, trauma, abuse, sexual issues, suffering, relationships, anxiety, and depression, among others. Our goal is to equip the Church with the spiritual tools needed to navigate these issues in a manner that aligns with the Bible and fosters healing, sanctification, and restoration. We align with the vision of our friends at CCEF, restoring Christ to counseling and counseling to the church.

CCEF Resources


Grief and Loss

True Vs False Repentance

Burnout & Rest

Sex & Sexual Sin

Trauma & Abuse

Body Image


Psychiatric Disorders


Marriage & Relationships


Anxiety & Depression

Abortion Healing



Teen Struggling with Pornography

Coming From a Broken Family

Anxious Child

Overcoming Insecurities About How I Look

Struggling with Addiction

Disagreeing with My Spouse in a Healthy Way


Being self-controlled with my eating

What does it look like to faithfully wait on the Lord

How to help a friend with suicidal Thoughts


Additional CCEF Resources:

Blog Posts




Misc. Resources



Focus on the Family

Abuse in Marriage

Additional Focus on the Family Resources:

Save My Marriage Retreat

Marriage Events

Parenting resources


ACBC Resources

Peacemaking for Families

Facing Death

Eating Disorders

Angry Children

People Pleasers

Additional ACBC Resources:

Misc. Resources

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