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Welcome Family & Friends! 

Restoration Kids is a safe place for toddlers through 6th grade. All of our volunteers are background checked, and love serving and teaching children God's Word. 

Currently, we are using The Village Church teaching materials along with our various other activities, catechisms, memory cards, and worship songs. 

Restoration Kids aims to restore all children and families, from all walks of life, back to God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We do that by Reaching+Restoring+Repeating.

We believe that Scripture is clear that parents are the primary disciple-makers in the lives of their children. Our hope is to partner with you in the pursuit of this mission, coming alongside you in the discipleship process. We do this in many ways, but especially through the various resources that we use and create. The resources we utilize will help you build a strong, restorative, gospel-centered foundation for you kids.

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We start out with a time of prayer and worship. 

Then we will learn weekly and monthly memory verses through, catechisms, activities and worship. 

After our memory verse time, we will watch a lesson out of the Scriptures, via video. 

After the lesson, there is a worship song that will reflect the truths that are taught in the lesson.

We end every lesson with three important questions that are followed with discussion:

1. How does this lesson in Scripture point us to Jesus?
2. What does this lesson teach us about God?
3. How does this lesson help us to love one another?

We end our time-taking prayer requests from the children. 


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Let Us Know You're Coming!

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